Vintage Royale Sidewalk and Trail Project Underway

After board approval, MUD 468 has approved and funded Phase 1 of the Harris County MUD 468 Connectivity Trail. Below you will see the plans for the trail. In addition the full presentation board is situated in the front of the clubhouse should anyone wish to look through the window or during a meeting. This board will remain through the completion of Phase 1. The first phase of the project has already begun with the planting of new trees courtesy of our partnership with Trees for Houston. You can see trees not only around our detention pond and in our entrance, but also throughout the district. Stay tuned for more trees, more trails and a connected district to our amazing amenities very soon!


Special Thanks to the Following companies, consultants, and people.


Murr Inc. – Landscape Architects
BGE, Inc – Engineering
Inframark LLC – Water Operator
LMS – Lake Management
Blair Frederick – MUD 468 Resident Director